Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mini Vacation!

Spring break is drawing to a close and I don't feel like I've had much of a vacation as I've been working for almost all of it. My husband and I are going up to Portland this morning do spend today and tomorrow having a mini vacation before we start school again.
We have lots of shopping on the agenda, which includes a trip to Ikea! I'm hoping to find some fun fabric to make books with. The last time I was there I picked up the spirograph fabric.
There are also some good paper stores in Portland that I hope to get the chance to stop into. They carry my favorite end papers in colors that I can't get locally.
There are also several very tasty restaurants we like to frequent so I'm excited about eating lots of great food too.
We have a hotel that is on the Max line so hopefully we can leave the car parked most of the time we are there.
Ah vacation!

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lapaperie&cozy said...

I haven't had a vacation for 5 years and it doesn't look like this year will be any different - so I feel your pain. Here's to next year, hopefully. *sigh*

Have a lovely time at IKEA. I love their stuff! I wish there was one closer to us!