Sunday, September 20, 2009


Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a great day with my toes in the sand :)

As I had said in my last post I got a new teflon folder from Dennis Rudd, it is the boxmakers tool that he sells. I really enjoyed the one box I made and am hoping that having the new folder will motivate me to make some more.This is a picture of all the folders in my possession as of now; the three cream colored tools facing the white tools are my actual bone folders and the white ones are my teflon folders.
The bone folders I purchased at various craft & hobby stores in Eugene & Portland. I had just these three until about 2 months ago and love each for different purposes. The one in the middle is my favorite for scoring, it has a very fine sharp edge on the front of it. I used it to make all the little boxes for my wedding and took a chunk of out it. I can't remember where I found it and thus far have been unable to replace it.
The teflon folders I am still honestly getting used to! They don't feel anything like a real bone folder, they are much slicker and take some wrangling for me to hold on to. The closer of the two tools I purchased from Talas and was the first in my collection. I've come to love it for smoothing out the covers on the folio's after I've cut the slots for the ribbon. The advantage of a teflon over a bone folder is that it doesn't leave shiny marks on your paper or book cloth like a bone folder will.
While I'm still getting used to the teflon I think it time it will become my preferred tool because it really doesn't leave a mark at all. I have plans to purchase a mircospatula from Dennis Rudd to add to my collection very soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, it's that time of year again :)I always love logging on to Etsy and seeing that at the top!
Actually it's not yet my Birthday here in Oregon, t-minus one hour- however it is in Etsy Standard Time (NY) so I'll take it :)

I opened one of my birthday presents early this year because it got here and I knew what it was, it's a new teflon folder from Dennis Rudd, which I meant to take pictures to share with you today but by the time the hubster and I got the photography box built it was time to go to MECCA for the Object Afterlife Challenge reception. I arrived there to fantastic news that my piece had sold at the Eugene Celebration! Which is excellent pre-birthday news, I hope I get to meet the new owner at the Bring opening.

Tomorrow includes breakfast plans, a trip to the coast for some Agate hunting and puppy shenanigans. This will be her first trip to the coast so I expect a sandy happy puppy, lots of plenty towels will be packed :)
After we get home we'll be meeting up with friends for dinner and a few cocktails.

I promise to check back in later this week with lots of pictures for you! I just sent the first round of folio's to Nickel City Studio and I can't wait to share them with you. After a long day in the studio another 8 folio's are in the press as we speak, however it's currently raining so I think they'll have to stay until Monday just to be safe.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


The Eugene Celebration is this weekend and while I don't think I'll make it this weekend (we have a vet visit Saturday) I will be there in spirit! I have a book in the first annual MECCA Object Afterlife Challenge which will be on display at the old MECCA location for the Celebration this weekend, after that it will be at the spiffy new MECCA location and then in October it moves to Bring! The opening of the show will be at Bring on October 10th if anyone local wants to stop by and chat with me.

This book was really a challenge for me, I don't often thing of my self as an artist and almost never put content in a book. The materials also really threw me for a loop for a long time, I received a large plastic burlap like bag, some plastic packaging, and a bunch of the tear off ends of tractor feed paper. I ended up using all but the tractor feed pieces, I wanted to use them to decorate the covers with but it made the book way to busy so I went with a wonder scrap of green Bugra paper and earth tones for the confetti.

The inside pages are the bag cut up and then I glued scraps of torn paper on to the pages in hopes that someone will use the book for an altered art journal. I'll be honest that while I'm intrigued by the idea I just don't have the time right now to start. Hopefully in a year when Penny grows up a bit, right now she's very demanding of all most all of mom's free time :)