Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blizzard Books

A few weeks ago Rhonda of My Handbound Books posted on her blog about a project she was working on involving the Blizzard and Crown Book Structures. I had never seen these structures before and needed to know more!

After some digging on her blog I found that Green Chair Press sells a kit to teach the binding.
The first little book in front is the one that came in my kit and the one in the back is a business card holder I made with the directions sent with the kit. The front book is tiny at 1.5" square! I can't wait to play with the dimensions and make some larger books!


Rhonda said...

These looks great kiley!

Kiley said...

Thanks Rhonda! I spent last night watching tv and making a small army of new blizzard books- they should be making an appearance here this afternoon!