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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The things I do.....

Last Friday I was working on finishing a local custom order before heading out to work and I was trying to remember why it was that I needed to drive into work.... I tried for a good 10 min while I wrapped the book up and packed my lunch. It was a lovely day and I really wanted to ride to work and couldn't remember why I needed to drive so I hopped on to my bike and enjoyed the ride!

I got to work and found the note "DON'T FORGET BANANA FIBER TREE". I had volunteered to bring a tree from work for people to hang purses off on in our street faire booth and we needed it for the dress rehearsal this weekend. I went outside and stuck a tree across the bike lane and it just fit inside. Score! The tree went on the rack, bungies went on, and I went riding down the road banana fiber tree in tow. I also learned that bike lanes are about 4.5 feet wide.

I got some pretty funny looks and I hope that I made a few people smile as I zoomed past them stuck in Friday afternoon traffic. I think I'll take it back to work the same way :D

ps- Like my ride? I love her! The red velvet detailing is my favorite part