Thursday, March 20, 2008

A bit late...

Yesterday turned out to be a crazy day and I got nothing accomplished that I wanted to. The good news is that my first two tasks for today are out the the way and I'm working on #3- sharing my plaquette! It's a dark blue leather that has a finish on it that makes it a bit shiny as you can see. Although some of the shine has to be blamed on my tool work. I'm totally in love with it and I have another piece of pared leather to make another plaquette with. For the workshop on Tuesday night we were instructed to do angular designs as they would be easier to start with and we would all finish sometime before midnight. I thought K was a fitting first attempt, and another girl took the same idea and did an A for hers. Each time I pick this piece up I smile, the picture doesn't do it much justice- I'm learning that leather is not as easy as paper to photograph.
I need to get back to work so I can make enough money to start to afford the tools and the quality of leather I need!


Carol said...

Hi Kiley, I found your blog via Rhonda's and I'm so pleased to find another book binder. Your leather work looks great and I can only say that paring leather is not one of my favourite things so I admire that you are learning it. Aren't the blizzard books fun! All the best from Carol in Sydney Australia.

Kiley said...

Hi Carol! I found your blog awhile ago via Rhonda as well. I've been lurking but haven't spoken up yet.

Paring probably will not top the list of my favorite things to do either, but right now I find it pretty exciting. I love my plaquette and can't wait to start in on my second. I just need to find the perfect design!
I am having a blast with the blizzard books, I'll be posting a small army of them this afternoon.