Sunday, March 2, 2008


I awoke this morning to a lovely milestone in my little etsy shop! I have sold 50 books! It was the perfect pick me up as I've had a cold all weekend and have done nothing but sit on the couch and play Endless Ocean, which is an amazing game to begin with- but is super awesome when you are sick.
The premise is you are a diver, you interact with fish, whales, you have dolphins for friends and you swim around. This weekend I've found a ship wreck, sunken ruins, and a whale graveyard. I could talk about this game for hours (as I've been playing it for hours) but I'll spare you. If you have a Wii at $30 this game is worth it!

Anyways back to the business at hand, my 50th sale was my Spirograph soft cover journal and I couldn't be more excited!
If I was feeling any better I think I would go out to dinner tonight to celebrate, but I think my green goodness juice will be all the celebration I have in me. Maybe later this week!

It's been a little over a year since I joined Etsy and I've enjoyed all of it. I'm glad these two little milestones came so close together. Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the last year!


88words said...

Congrats to you! What good news! I wish I had that game right now-I have the sickness! I sound like I've been possessed by Demi Moore... no fun! Hope you're feeling better!

Kiley said...

At least you had a voice! I couldn't talk at all on Sunday!

On the upside of things I am starting to feel better and am hoping to make a full recovery for the weekend, I really want to spend some time in my studio!