Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This is my 60th blog post since starting this little adventure! I just got home from my monthly book arts meeting and I'm really really excited. Earlier this month we had a mini workshop on paring leather, tonight we had a meeting where we made leather covered plaquettes. For some reason working with leather makes me feel like a bonafide bookbinder.

Look for a picture of my masterpiece tomorrow.

I was going to tell you all about the adorable little sketchbook above but it sold tonight while I was playing in the leather! I just listed this lovely little number 5 days ago, and I have to admit I'm shocked it sold. Absolutely thrilled, but shocked. I've never had a book sell in less than a week before! The excitement of a sale has never lessened for me, I still do a little dance every time I sell something.
I'm off to try to fall asleep- probably won't happen as I'm still wound up from my excitement with the leather and the added excitement of a sale.


lapaperie&cozy said...

This is terrific! I just LOVE the colours and the whimsical goldfish!

Kiley said...

Thank you!