Thursday, April 30, 2009

Folio's Away

Tuesday morning I pulled the last of Brie's dvd folio's out of the press, shot a few photo's and sent them on their way. It was really rewarding to see them all lined up and finished.

I always try to send a little something extra with all my packages and sales from my shop. If I have the time I always try to personalize what is going into each package as well. For Brie I used a strip of paper that was used to make one of the folio's and her pink book cloth to make a business card holder. The card holder is a Blizzard Book which is a fun little structure, the way this one is put together you can fold it up and tie the ribbon to keep it in your bag, or open it up and lay it on a desk or a counter to display your cards. If I decide to do any shows this summer I will be making one of these to hold my own cards.

Next on my plate is an order for Leslie of Dark Roast Photography her folio's will be designed differently from Brie's and I hope to have a mock up completed this afternoon. Her book cloth has is in transit and I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Leslie chose a chocolate brown silk cloth and an ivory damask paper, the combination is going to look fantastic together and I am really excited to get started on them!


B├╝chertiger said...

Congratulations on finishing the folios - they *do* look great as they are sitting on your cupboard!

Monica Holtsclaw said...

Those look fantastic all lined up! and I love the business card holder. Your client will be so happy!

Billie said...

Congratulations the folio's look superb. I love the business card holder,can you point me at a tutorial for how to make one... or can you post a tutorial when there are enough hours in the day?


Billie :)

Kiley said...

Thanks Everyone! My client was thrilled with them and just received the cloth to start working on the next batch.

Billie I'll work on a tutorial, it's a blizzard book. It's a fold based book created by Hedi Kyle.