Sunday, May 3, 2009


I can now be found on Twitter under KileysBooks. I would love to follow any of you out there on the webs, you can either add me on Twitter or leave a comment here.

You might also notice that I've been working on the side bar on the blog. I have temporarily removed all the links I had as my blog reading is out of hand and many of the links on this page were not current or sites I frequented anymore. There are currently 31 blogs in my reader, but I expect that number to grow. Tulibri has a fantastic list of bookbinding blogs on her blog, and I keep finding more and more blogs to read via her recommendations! I'll work on bringing the links back when I've caught up on a few other things.

I'm off to finish my mothers day present, I had planned to share photo's with everyone but I just found out that my mom reads my blog from time to time so that has to wait for a week!


Billie said...

Hi Kiley

OMG HOw wierd is that, I have just this second joined Twitter and came here to see if you were on it!

Small world as they say.

Off to see where to click to 'follow' you.


Billie xx

sexy said...
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