Monday, April 20, 2009

Presses and Beach Trip!

I had a fantastic weekend that I didn't talk about at all yesterday! Saturday my husband and I took advantage of the first nice weekend and ran to the coast. We packed a picnic lunch and used our picnic set for the first time. I think we've had it for two years and never remembered to bring it with us!

After lunch we cruised up 101 looking for an area with tide pools as tide was out. We almost never make it to the coast on days when low tide is in the afternoon so we were very excited!

We spend a larger part of the afternoon at a park I can't remember the name of as we had never stopped there before, but we had a great time. We found a few pools and stuck the camera in the water proof case and got some really fantastic pictures. Once we finished with the pools I went back to the beach and dug around in the sand by the river for agates.

Sunday we got up to another wonderful day and got to work outside making me some much needed larger presses for my folio production.

For years I've had two small book presses that can press one or two books at a time as that is all I have ever needed. As I said one of my two presses is too small for the 3 pocket presses so a trip to the man's mall fixed my problem!
We bought two 2'x4' pieces of MDF and sliced them in half to give me 2' square presses. Once we had the 2' boards we drilled 6 holes in each and put in carriage bolts and wing nuts and voila, new presses!

What you can see in the pictures are my two new presses next to my old "large" press. The middle press is currently pressing a round of folios the other two had just been emptied and quality checked.

The box is full of folios who so far have been quality checked, which means I've stuck a DVD in each pocket, closed it up, and tied it closed. I can't wait to have them all finished so I can take pictures of the large stacks all tied up and pretty. Although I do like the look of all the ribbon loose in the box as well!

Sorry for the picture jumble... I guess that is the problem with making the pictures bigger, I now have more images than I have words for!

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