Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teaser Shot

I've been inspired by the blogging work of Hilke of Buechertiger on her Smiley Oracle production, and am hoping to try to do the same here with the first production of my wedding folio's. I am here today to give you a teaser shot of what is to come, today I finished cutting all the strips of paper to make the pockets with!
I think it's a whole lot of pink, however my husband insists that it's because I'm not a large fan of pink... I'm not sure who's right but either way as I said before it was a lot of fun to buy so much paper in one stop! I have a few sheets of left over/back up so the finished products might vary slightly. Christmas (otherwise known as my order from Talas) should be arriving tomorrow so I can start paring paper to book cloths. I am hoping that I am here to get the shipment as I have a wedding to attend Monday so that will delay my receiving the shipment until Tuesday, and I don't know if I can wait that long!

Next on folio production is matching papers to cloths, and then cutting all the board to size to start making the folio's. I've been putting off cutting board as it's my least favorite thing to do and my mat cutter isn't working properly. I called logan and a replacement piece is somewhere in the mail system so hopefully I won't have to cut all 75 pieces by hand.

Stay tuned for a "fire sale" coming next week, I've got some items I'm tired of seeing around the studio and am hoping to move out. I did a major photoshoot this afternoon after completing the strips and now I need to get through the editing and my Sister-in-law's wedding before it can begin.


B├╝chertiger said...

Thanks for the link - I am glad you liked that part of my blogging.
I'll definitely be with you here. I'm looking forward to read how you are working.

Your new paper looks just great, I bet it also feels good. It does have some degree of pinkishness to it - but it will be used for wedding supplies, right? - for this occasion people seem to expect pink. I like you choices!

Kiley said...

You are more than welcome for the link! I really need to update the side links on my blog one of these days....
I hope I stay as dedicated as you did and don't slack off on taking pictures! I had that problem with my cake.

Yes the paper is for wedding folio's and I think they will look fantastic when finished- I guess when the cards fall I'm just not a big pink girl. But for that matter I'm a pretty ungirly girl :)

Billie said...

Hi Kiley

Looking forward to this series, being a new binder I find it inspiring to see the full process of others creations.

I shall stay tuned

Billie :)

Billie said...

Hi kiley

Beware the stealth girl side creeping up on you.

I've been a tom boy for YEARS, and have just bought a new shirt which I LOVE and its fushia pink!!!!

These girlie sides creep up on you without you noticing! Watch your back or it could happen to you too..hehehe



Kiley said...

Haha Billie!
I think I proved this weekend that I'm still no girl! My sister-in-law got married Monday and I spent all 5 days trying to get my hair to look okay... it passed in the end but reaffirmed to me that I make a terrible girl!

Elissa said...

Ooooohhhhh...I just want to reach into my computer and pet the paper...those kinds of images make me crazy! I imagine that to non-paper lovers, we sound completely nuts.

I'm also not much of a girly-girl, but my books tend to run the girly end of the spectrum. Not really sure how that happens. I'm trying hard to figure out how to make more manly design's hard!


Kiley said...

Elissa I'm lucky in that design is something I don't struggle with. My dad was an artist and I have his eye for color and patterns.
I can't draw or paint to save my life but I still have an artists eye :)