Friday, February 6, 2009

CPSIA- Call Your Senator!

Many of us in the craft world in the US are all aware of the impending CPSIA regulations and the implications it carries for small business and the craft market. The good news is that our voices did not go unheard and Senator Jim DeMint has come up with a plan to try to fix things before people are forced out of business. You can read his message on Etsy, or stop by his blog and read about his plan. The number for the Senate switch board is (202) 224-3121 tell the operator you want to speak with a Senator from your state ask them to support Jim's legislation and tell them how it's going to impact your life or the life or so many you know. Our voices have gotten us this far, we need to make sure that we continue to be heard!

Thanks to those of you who commented on the hat! It made my day yesterday and I was forced to pull the Firefly dvd's off the shelf and get nothing accomplished! Well almost nothing... I did find those buttons I was mumbling about and finished this fat little leather journal. I wanted to keep it, but I already have two books I've made recently that I decided I couldn't part with. I just really enjoy the heft of it, I need to make thick books more often!


Rachel said...

I love thick books. They're so much more fun than little skinny ones.

And if you will enlighten a poor ignorant antipodean -- I thought the CPSIA thingy only affected things for kids -- though I suppose it does affect anyone who makes things with their hands in a kind of a holistic sense. Hmmm.

Kiley said...

It does mainly impact makers of children's items, however for example I make an ABC Darium artist book and someone buys it as gift for child I'm subject to those same rules. It also impact thrift/second hand stores, garage sales, or people selling things on craigslist, and it's retroactive.

I also feel that even if it doesn't directly impact the way I do business I am part of the Etsy/crafting community and I know so many people it would hurt that I just can't be silent about it.

Rachel said...

Kiley, I got your book! It's amazing, well worth the wait :)

And: I totally agree with you that we should protest against things that will hurt others as well as ourselves -- and I agree that it's important we all protest as many voices are more likely to be heard (heck, I marched against the war in Iraq. Twice, I think. It didn't make a damn bit of difference, but I thought it was an important thing to do, as staying silent when I could have done something, no matter how small a gesture would have been intolerable).

Kiley said...

I'm so glad that you like it! I received my book from Astrid today so it looks like I have lots to blog about once my finger heals up a bit... I had a bit of an awl accident this afternoon while working on my local book arts exchange for the month.

So much to type and so such a large hole in my finger....