Thursday, February 5, 2009

And now for something completly different!

I finished the hat in question in my last post, and it's awesome. I'm hoping it fits Dan's head as it is a perfect fit to mine.... He wanted a huge poof ball and while you can't quite see it in this picture it is massive! Making the poof ball took me almost as long as the hat did, but it was worth it.
I know that I said I might have a prize if you can tell me where the hat is from but I can't resist putting the name in the tags so it will come up in searches. That being said the name won't give it away unless you know what it's from... so feel free to leave a comment if you know where the hat is from or if you did the google leg work, either way you'll earn some geek points with me :D

I spent some time yesterday working on photographing a new fold up album that has a fantastic cherry blossom paper that makes we wish for spring! Actually the weather here has been much like spring lately and it's a little scary. Normally by this time of the year we've had pouring rain for at least a month or so and it's been very very dry. On the days the fog burns off it's sunny and almost 60!

I'm almost done with a new leather notebook as well, I just can't decide how I want to finish the it. I'm on the hunt for some buttons I have a vague memory of purchasing, I cleaned my studio last week and now I can't find anything! However it is good to see the carpet again and I bought myself a stereo system for my studio as I am enjoying spending much more quality time in there. I've also been struggling with a concept for the exchange theme for my local book arts swap this month, it's ravens or crows and everything I keep thinking of is super complicated. I'm headed to the craft store shortly so hopefully some inspiration will strike!


Shannon said...

I'd say there's a certain amount of, ah, serenity in that hat.

Nice one :)

Kiley said...

Thanks Shannon! I think you might be on to something...
It's the second hat I've made. The first was for my husband to use for his Halloween costume a few years ago.
Dan just wants to wear his out and about, he lives out of the valley so it's actually cold enough he needs a hat on a regular basis!

Rachel said...

This hat is problematic. Just be careful you don't post it with a dead guy!

Kiley said...

Rachel that's awesome!
I'm not posting it, it's for local delivery... and your package was too small to post a dead guy in :)

Glad to see a few browncoats hanging out around here.

Rachel said...

Aw, no dead guy? Why not?

I suppose once I'm over my disappointment, I'll be haunting my mail box :)

Kiley said...

I don't have the proper shipping container for a dead guy, just some bubble mailers and flat rate envelopes.
I'll look into finding one...

In the meantime haunt away, I'm doing the same thing as my book should be here any day now!