Friday, January 16, 2009

Tag, I'm it!

Barbara of Moon Bindery stopped by and tagged me, the rules are:

Link to the the tagger, list 7 random book facts about yourself, and tag 7 more friends...well lets get started:

1. I don't keep a journal, I've tried a few times but I'm awful at it. I make beautiful books that I almost never use.
2. The books of mine that I do use I use for everyday things, shopping lists, to do's, reminders, phone numbers, ect. Who says beautiful books need to be filled with beautiful words?
3. I don't read for pleasure very often, I get too wrapped up in a good book and I put everything else on hold to finish the book. Which gets me in to trouble.
4. I put post-it's in my books..... as an ex-librarian I know it's bad, I know the glue leaves acid marks (I've seen lots of them) but I just can't help it they are just so handy for flipping back and forth!
5. I can't read hardcover books with the dust jackets on, and I can't stand watching other people use dust jackets as bookmarks.
6. I try to avoid buying paperbacks because I feel bad when I see the crease line on the front cover.
7. I'm left handed and hate using 3 ring binders or spiral bound books as they are constantly in my way.

I'm gonna tag Billie, Ali, Iris, Rachel, Jackie, Emily, and I'll cheat for my last one and tag Rhonda. It's cheating because Barbara has already done so, so hopefully she's already hard at work on the questions!


Rachel said...

Yay, thanks Kiley!

moonbindery said...

Fun list! I take the covers off hardcover books, too--otherwise the thing slips around when I'm trying to read.

Billie said...

Hi Kiley

Yey Thanks :) I don't like tagging in general but I like this one. I'm the same with dust jackets ;) I thought it was just me who hated using them while I was reading hehe

Best wishes


Rhonda said...

haha, thanks Kiley! I enjoyed reading your bookish tidbits. I haven't quite started my list yet... but one of these days... :)

Kiley said...

Thanks everyone!

Rhonda it took me 3 days of thinking to get this one done, I had the draft saved and kept coming back to it one at a time.

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

what a cute idea! Thanks. I'll play. check my blog in a few days to learn all my book facts!

Rachel said...

Hi Kiley, I tagged you back!