Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to use a paper knife

A very long time ago I promised my good friend Billie that I would show her how I use my paper knife to get a rough or deckled edge on my signatures. This is my first time using my camera for video so be kind!

It is a little dark, which is funny because my studio is very bright as I don't like to sew in the dark.

I know in my last post I promised you pictures of a new Celtic Weave book but I didn't get that photographed today.... I've been so excited about a trade I was working that I lost track of time! The results of that trade will be a spanky new wallet for me!
I love, love, the work that Sally of Dogwoodlane produces. This is my second wallet and third purchase from her. Each of my purchases have been custom orders and I'm always surprised how lightning fast she is! I'm replacing my old wallet not because it's fallen apart but because I've treated it poorly- aka it's a stained mess and washing it has proved fruitless....

She's getting a fantastic new leather journal for her half of the trade. I used my favorite brown/yellow leather with the blue hand waxed linen thread. This journal also features the rough edge of the leather that I just love. It's a 7x7" square so she can both journal and store photos in it. I hope she loves it as much as I love my wallet!


DangAndBlast! said...

Fun! I'll admit I started using a credit card before I found my trusty old letter opener again. Semi-sharp edges are much better than a credit card! Much less raggedy :)

Kiley said...

Wow that's a creative idea!

The paper knife in the video is the one I got when I took my first bookbinding class, she's a classic but still works great!

Billie said...

Hi Kiley

Great video thanks, I'm on the hunt of a butter knife from Charity shops now, I think that would do the job too.

Does your knife have a special name that I should ask for if I end up in an art store?

I am also struggling with lighting, and background noise with 5 budgies in the house. Can't film in the studio yer, its not heated and is currently around 5 degrees! brrrr


Billie :)

dogwood said...

I'm am so excited to get my beautiful new journal!

Kiley said...

Hi Billie!
In the art stores around here they call it a felting knife, and it's found in the ceramics section of the store, which is a great place to get lots of bookbinding tools. My first awl was a ceramics tool of some kind as well.

I would think a butter knife without teeth would work just fine. My knife isn't sharp and just a plain edge on it.

I would die if my studio didn't have any heat! My work bench is the biggest table in the house so I would have no where else to work if I couldn't be in my studio.

moonbindery said...

Hi Kiley, great video!

I just tagged you on my blog to play book tag--strictly voluntary, of course. Thought as a bookbinder, you'd have some good things to say about books! :)