Monday, December 15, 2008

Long Scary Day

For those keeping track of my life today I took my GRE, my scores were not close to where I would have liked them to be but in a strange twist my math score was higher than my verbal. That means all the cramming I did over the last week paid off in the math, but seemed to have harmed my verbal score I scored significantly lower than I had on previous practice exams I had taken.

Today was a rare day here in the Southern Willamette Valley- We got snow- lot's of it. Overnight we had more than 4 inches fall, which means what I wanted to be doing was make a snowman or at least play in the snow! However I got up at 5:40, showered, ate some quick toast and trekked down the icy hill we live and trudged over a mile to catch a bus to get to my GRE appointment. Why not drive you ask? Well you see as it is rare day here when it snows the people who grew up here or have lived here for a long time have no idea how to drive in the snow, and I love my car too much to take it out. I was also worried about my car having the guts to make it back up the hill to our little apartment. I'm glad I left the car at home as the hill was a solid sheet of ice by the time I returned home this afternoon. That would have meant leaving my car at the bottom of the hill, which brings images of this video to mind.... which proves my point that Western Oregonians don't have a clue how to drive in the snow and ice.

In more grad school admission news I decided to go with the covers from the previous post. I made the inside covers the same purple paper but plain. The inside of the book will be white with metallic purple tapes screened at different angles on the bottom right corner at the begining of each section. I promise that I'll add images when I have it finished. I did some of the screening for it today but messed up a few of the pages I had here so I need to go buy more paper and do more screening before I can start sewing it all together. I really love those covers, it could because I'm child of the 80's... or it could be because I made them... either way I hope they to just the trick.

This will probably be my last post until after the new year. I head to Germany this weekend for 2 weeks in a winter wonderland that will include a visit to a German gummy factory, Prague, and many other unknown wonders. I'm looking forward to a wonderful vacation and getting away from the concerns of life here for a few weeks. I'll be working on my essay for grad school and then hopefully when I get home I can mail everything away and get back to life as normal- which means I might get a chance to restock my poor store. I also have a book swap deadline coming up soon for the book arts forum so hopefully that will get me back into the swing of things for binding.

Cheers and Happy Holidays to All!


Billie said...

Hi Kiley

I am the same as soon as it snows I'll take alternative transport as well. I have enough sense to know I don't know how to handle it and know others don't have the sense to know they don't. As you say the thought of the repair bills is enough to make you walk.

Baring in mind that 2cm of snow is enough to totally bewilder most drivers in the UK, gritters and much panic tends to ensue. DOH!

Great snowman, wish we got that much snow.

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays,

Carol said...

Kiley, I watched that video of the cars on the ice and couldn't believe it. No wonder you didn't take your car out. I'm interested in the piano hinge cover problem - I'll put it on my list of things to work on when I eventually get to my new workshop and my boxes of binding tools and materials. I hope to be back in business y the end of January. Happy holidays and drive safely, Carol (in sunny, steamy Sydney)

moonbindery said...

I was in Bellingham last week, so I know what you mean about the snow! Hope your vacation is fun and de-stressing!

Happy Holidays-