Thursday, December 11, 2008


I need to start this post with a little hurray! Last week I received the Kreativ Blogger Award from Billie! I'm going to cheat by accepting the award without doing any of the work in passing it along... But she keeps a fantastic blog with some neat paper and wood creations so go check her out!

As I'm sure you can guess by my absence that I've been busy. This week was finals week, luckily I had both mine on Monday morning and got that over with quickly. I came home from my finals and dug into my application for grad school and my GRE's which are on Monday. The application process is where I'm asking for some opinions, I've started working on my book for submission as well and I've already tossed out the pages that I spent time working on Monday- they were way to busy with the covers and would be way way to busy with an exposed spine stitching.

However the covers I can't decide on. It's hard to tell under all the ink but the paper is a royal purple with a white pattern screened on and a neon orange tape on the side (click the pictures, they get bigger). I think I like the covers- just not sure if I like them for the purpose they were intended for. The submission of our 3-D object is to show our manual dexerity so I started off by thinking I wanted to have as much of the project as possible done by my little fingers. Now I'm starting to chicken out a bit and am thinking I should go with something a little more conservative. So I ask all of you who still stop by- what do you think? Do you like them, love them, hate them?
I don't have anything on the inside of the covers yet because a- I haven't decided if I am going to use them or not, and b- haven't deicided if I do use them what color paper the inside pages will be. If I do use them I'm leaning torwards the same purple and white pattern for the inside cover with white paper and a purple tape at the begining of each section all sewn up in a celtic weave.

Now that I've shared some of the neurocies that I've been having I need to get to work and get payroll processed. Hopefully a few of you will leave some feed back!


vuscor said...

However the circumstances — for me as an european not to understand anyway ;–) — IMHO this is marvellous print work. When will you show us more of these?

Kiley said...

Thank you Vuscor! I haven't had a lot of time to do printing with school and my application looming. Maybe next term I'll do some more...

I will however put up the finished pictures of this book- hopefully by the end of the week!