Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to the grind stone

Vacation was awesome! I had a blast, we had a few schedule changes too! We didn't make it to the Chinese gardens or Saturday market, we went to the Zoo instead and saw the live butterfly exhibit!
My mom spent a major part of a day in Ikea, she's remodeling and was in heaven with all the options. We found all kinds of neat treasures, but all I walked away with was a new clothes rack, tea pot, shoe rack, & super awesome print. The print I got was in the "half price" area but it was discount much beyond 50%. It has a tiny defect in the finish but it looks awesome above my bed. The pic to the side is my $10 score from Ikea.
I could go on for ages, but I won't bore you all. I'm home and will be back to work soon!


Brandi said...

I love IKEA! I furnished my entire apartment with finds from IKEA for the cost of a couch somewhere else. Good stuff there. Yay for your $10 find (which is beautiful, by the way)!

Kiley said...

Yes Ikea is a wonderful thing & thanks I love the print, it looks amazing over my bed.. now if only I could get the headboard home I want....

Brandi said...

I have a hard time resolving "what I want" with "how much money is in my bank account"! If only I won the lottery, I'd use that money to support Indie Artists That The World Should Know About! :)

And yay! I'd love to have you on ThisRocksMySocks - should I convo you or email you the questions?

Kiley said...

Yes I agree, that powerball jackpot should have been mine!

I'm headed back to Ikea this weekend for a gift I forgot to get so we will see if I end up with more treasures!

I sent you an email about the questions! Thanks!