Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I am taking a much needed vacation this week/weekend and I can't wait! I'll be two hours north of home in Portland hanging out with my Mom. I haven't taken a real vacation in almost 2 years so this is a well deserved break! We will be going to OMSI to see Body Worlds, visiting the Chinese Garden and enjoying a pot of tea, going to the antique stores in Sellwood, enjoying all the great crafts at Saturday Market, and take a trip to the very crazy, newly opened Ikea.

All and all it should prove to be a great weekend. It's my Mom's birthday and the book included on this post is her birthday present. She asked for a photo album filled with pictures from my wedding earlier this summer. This book was a lot of fun to bind as it had been awhile since I had done an old fashion case bound book. I love the way it looks & am glad to know it's going to a loving home.

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SilverMonk Design said...

thanks for visiting my blog, have a lovely weekend break and tell us what you found in Ikea! ( i am a big fan of Ikea)