Sunday, January 17, 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti

I know I've been silent for awhile, but I promise you I've been hard at work here! I have two orders for folio's currently in process and I've finished a book for a swap on the Book Arts Forum.
I promise to do a more detailed check in soon, right now I'm trying to fight off a cold and wanted to share something with you.

I am sure you have heard about the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12th, 2010-today I was introduced to Craft Hope for Haiti, which is an Etsy shop filled with wonderful items that have been donated from crafters & artists from all reaches. Craft Hope is donating 100% of the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.
If you're an artist/crafter interesting in donating something to the shop information can be found here.


Carol said...

Hi Kiley, thanks for stopping by - you're certainly in the draw. I did a few of those Celtic weaves at the time but I'm not sure now if I remember how to do them. I must have notes somewhere (though I've moved house since then and I'm still in a muddle) so if I find them I'll let you know. Good luck with my draw. Carol

日月神教-任我行 said...
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