Saturday, January 30, 2010

Always up for a swap

Many months ago I signed up to participate in a Girdle Book swap on the Book Arts Forum. Somewhere in the back of my head I filed away that it was due to be shipped in January but never actually put it on a calendar.
The deadline sneaked up on me (and luckily a few others) and I thought no problem this is going to be easy...
Famous last words right?

I picked out a fun piece of yellow leather, tied a knot in one end and measured out the other end to give a nice hang. Then I untied the knot to make casing the book in easier, finished the book and popped it into the press.
A few days later I took the book out of the press and tried to tie the knot back in.... Much to my surprise and dismay the leather left on the end of the book was now too thick and short to tie into a knot!

It's back the workbench with me tomorrow, to prep a new text block and work on getting Hilke her book in the mail for the swap.
On the agenda for the future is what to do with this book. I know I can save the leather, the text block might be a loss.


buechertiger said...

The leather looks great - So sunny! I am looking forward to holding it in my hands :-)

Kiley said...

I wish you could... but that book isn't going in the mail unless it magically ties itself in a knot while I sleep.
I would never post an actual swap book on my blog before it arrived in it's new owners hands. I'm back to working on one with a know for you!

buechertiger said...

Oh, but you could get a knot into it somehow?! Maybe cut the end into strips, and tie those into knots. It is such a beautiful book - sure it can be put to work somehow!

Billie said...

Hi Kiley

Just a MAD off the wall thought here...Is there enough leather to add another smaller cased in book to the other end of the leather?

If so leave the first one attached and make the other one at the other end. The flat leather would still hang off a belt and the book at each end would balance out.

Hey presto a brand new twist to an ancient design :)

Gorgeous leather, I love the colour

Best wishes


buechertiger said...

That's sounds like a fun idea, Billie! :-)

Carol said...

That's such a shame Kiley, I can understand Hilke wanting to help you make it right. Billie's idea would work though not as the traditional girdle book you need to make for the swap. I hope to see what you do with the yellow leather eventually, and of course the new book for Hilke.

willson said...
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