Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, it's that time of year again :)I always love logging on to Etsy and seeing that at the top!
Actually it's not yet my Birthday here in Oregon, t-minus one hour- however it is in Etsy Standard Time (NY) so I'll take it :)

I opened one of my birthday presents early this year because it got here and I knew what it was, it's a new teflon folder from Dennis Rudd, which I meant to take pictures to share with you today but by the time the hubster and I got the photography box built it was time to go to MECCA for the Object Afterlife Challenge reception. I arrived there to fantastic news that my piece had sold at the Eugene Celebration! Which is excellent pre-birthday news, I hope I get to meet the new owner at the Bring opening.

Tomorrow includes breakfast plans, a trip to the coast for some Agate hunting and puppy shenanigans. This will be her first trip to the coast so I expect a sandy happy puppy, lots of plenty towels will be packed :)
After we get home we'll be meeting up with friends for dinner and a few cocktails.

I promise to check back in later this week with lots of pictures for you! I just sent the first round of folio's to Nickel City Studio and I can't wait to share them with you. After a long day in the studio another 8 folio's are in the press as we speak, however it's currently raining so I think they'll have to stay until Monday just to be safe.


Elissa said...

Happy birthday! Have oodles of fun today. :)


beuchertiger said...

Happy Birthday!