Thursday, September 3, 2009


The Eugene Celebration is this weekend and while I don't think I'll make it this weekend (we have a vet visit Saturday) I will be there in spirit! I have a book in the first annual MECCA Object Afterlife Challenge which will be on display at the old MECCA location for the Celebration this weekend, after that it will be at the spiffy new MECCA location and then in October it moves to Bring! The opening of the show will be at Bring on October 10th if anyone local wants to stop by and chat with me.

This book was really a challenge for me, I don't often thing of my self as an artist and almost never put content in a book. The materials also really threw me for a loop for a long time, I received a large plastic burlap like bag, some plastic packaging, and a bunch of the tear off ends of tractor feed paper. I ended up using all but the tractor feed pieces, I wanted to use them to decorate the covers with but it made the book way to busy so I went with a wonder scrap of green Bugra paper and earth tones for the confetti.

The inside pages are the bag cut up and then I glued scraps of torn paper on to the pages in hopes that someone will use the book for an altered art journal. I'll be honest that while I'm intrigued by the idea I just don't have the time right now to start. Hopefully in a year when Penny grows up a bit, right now she's very demanding of all most all of mom's free time :)


lizlawr said...

hey Kiley, this is Liz from BRING! Found your blog looking for press coverage of the Art Challenge. I love your book, really excellent feeling to it. Hope to talk with you in person at one of the upcoming events... hopefully I can make it if I am not working. Anyway, congrats on your work, quite exceptional :)

Kiley said...

Hi Liz!
I'm so glad you found my blog :)

I'll be at the MECCA reception tonight if you'll be there, I also plan to attend the opening at Bring as well!
I hope to get the chance to chat with you too :)

日月神教-任我行 said...
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