Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey look, crafty stuff!

After my last post I realized how much I missed working in my studio and how I needed to get back to work ASAP before I lost my sanity in this whole moving process. The good news is that I now have a cute little duplex to call home and I got some quality studio time in!

I had an extra white case left from the first order of folio's I made and I had found this awesome heart paper after I shipped Brie's order.

This was stop numero uno on studio time, I had been wanting to put the case and the paper together for a long time. Pockets were made, ribbon was attached and I am really happy with the results. This lovely little dvd folio can be found my shop!

This lovely star book is my first attempt at the structure, I asked Amanda to teach it at my local bookarts meeting this month!
I love the book and color combo's, but I'm not thrilled with the holes I punched in it... at this point I think I liked it better without the holes. However I also only own a star punch, a 4-leaf clover punch, and my screw punch so my punching was kind of limited....
I'm very excited about making a bunch of these to use a Christmas ornaments and maybe just some an ornaments to hang in my new studio space. I never decorated the current studio space I'm in and I really want to remedy that when we move this time.
I also got a fun blue flower celtic weave finished a few days ago, but don't have it photographed yet.. coming soon!
p.s. for those of you who visit the site I think I'll be playing with the set up over the next few days so don't be alarmed if things look different!


Monica Holtsclaw said...

Congrats on the new place to call home! Looks like you've been up to some fun things - that star book is really neat. :)

Kiley said...

Thanks Monica!
I've been wanting to learn the star book for ages, it's something she brought for a swap once and I have been bugging and bugging her :)

I'm also very excited about the duplex, no more neighbors waking me up in the middle of the night. Our only shared wall will be the garage, plus holy cow I'm gonna have a garage :)