Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A different kind of book for a different kinda swap

In my slew of creative work last week I also finally completed my swap book for the Book Arts Forum swap! This book went to Billie and she kindly provided the pictures as I was so excited to get it in the mail across the pond I forgot all about taking pictures to share!
The cover is made from old x-rays, this one is of a chest. Kinda hard to tell from the pictures, but trust me it's a chest :) The theme of the swap was to use materials we had never used before. I received my book from Rhonda and I think it's already packed in a moving box but you can see pictures on her blog!
The x-rays of course came from MECCA my favorite craft reuse center, and in exciting news I'll be teaching classes there again in the fall. I'll be teaching an introduction class, probably a coptic class, and a class on ATC albums as they do a monthly swap. I also just signed up for their summer artist challenge and should be getting my materials next week. I'm a little frightened as I've never let someone pick my materials for me, but it should be a lot of fun.
I have enough x-ray left to make another book, maybe two. I haven't decided if they would be good for the shop or if they would be too strange...

I haven't made any new books yet this week, almost all of my creative energies have been going into my CSA box and finding wonderful new things to eat. While I haven't been taking pictures I think I'll put up a post later with all the tasty things I've been eatting and links to how to make them.


buechertiger said...

Chest x-ray? - That's really cool! And I like the fiery red of the thread on the grayish-blue photo material.
I could imagine people buying it
- but I also got the impression that I am not good at judging such things: Every time I put up a book in my shop I think it is going to sell (and usually it doesn't) ;-)

Kiley said...

Thanks, I really liked the red too! I had just gotten that color and really wanted to use it!

I have that same problem with my shop... I like it therefor everyone else should like it too :)

Rachel said...

Very cool! Do we get to see what's inside?