Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

The grass is green (although it stays very green here all winter...) our nesting ducks have returned, and I have spring fever! I was so excited for spring this year I ran out and bought a new bike! I am now the very proud and very pleased owner of a KHS Mocha, which is an adorable folding bike. I saw it last weekend before we went on vacation when we dropped off my husbands bike for a tune up. I thought about the bike the entire weekend while we were gone and when we went to pick up Mike's bike I took it out for a test drive. I feel in love, folded it up, and brought it home. It's a fantastic fit for me and I've been zipping all over town on it for the past few days and been ignoring the things I need to be doing.

I'm still waiting for my large order from talas to really get started on the folios but I think pocket production will start tomorrow. I bought around 30 sheets of decorative paper, which if you have never done before I highly recommend. Not only is it a ton of fun but people stare, ask questions, and you get to hand out your card. The sheets are almost flat now, they traveled from Portland in my tube and I forgot to unroll them the night we got home.....

The BEST Team is hosting an online edible book festival and the deadline of April 1st is rapidly approaching. I went and rounded up all my supplies today, and will hopefully get most of the project done tomorrow. You can find more information about the festival here, BEST is hosting our event on Flickr and giving awards for best overall, best bookbinding technique, and best entry by a child. Mine will not be an actual book structure but based on a title of one of my favorite books.

I decided to list the folio with the glue on the front so if you are interested in a folio on the cheap here is your chance! I really like the look of this one and am still quite miffed that I got glue on the front cover.

In other handmade news my husband and I have started home brewing! We made our first batch a few weeks ago and are just starting to drink the fruits of our labor now. Our first batch was an Irish Red Ale and the batch we are in the middle of brewing this afternoon is a Ceibo Pale Ale, which is named from the Argentine hops in it. Right now we are using recipe's from our local home brew store Valley Vinter & Brewer to get a feel for things before we become brave enough to try coming up with our on concoctions.

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