Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Small Interuption in Regular Programming

Sorry to interrupt the regular programming on this blog but I'm just too excited to let this slide. I would like to send my warmest welcome to the newest President of the United States- Barack Obama!
I've had my two official campaign buttons for ages and I made myself some other unofficial buttons with my awesome button maker. The company I work for hosted an Obama party at our store and everyone I know has been a strong supporter of this campaign for change.

It's past my bed time here, but I'm still too excited for bed & I had to share my excitement with someone- or the world! It's just my husband and I here and we popped the champagne as soon as it was official and are both pouring over the interwebs to excited to sleep.
Hopefully I haven't scared off any readers....
I promise books next time!

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Iris @ Pied Crow Press said...

That's a great little cartoon there. I'm so thrilled! Hooray for Obama!!!