Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's like Sunday....

For those of you not in the US it's Veterans Day here, which means for me a day off from school! Which makes it almost like a Sunday as I have to go back tomorrow, which makes this almost like my Sunday update!
I finally finished up a cute little leather journal I had been working on for ages and got it listed on Etsy today. I think it's blue, my husband thinks it's more a green color. The first one that I sold at Bringfest the man who bought it also said it was green- maybe it's a male/female color issue. Either way I really like this journal. This particular remnant has stitch holes across the top flap and a small pen mark on the inside right flap. I think it gives it a nice recycled feel.
Next week is the tools of the trade sale at the UO Bookstore if you are local, it's 25% off anything in the basement (the art section) and they have lot's of vendors on the ground level doing activities and demonstrations. It's a fun time, so stop by Wendesday or Thursday if you are in the area.
In unrelated news I just got a phone call that I'm going to be an Aunt! That means that 2 of my good friends will be parents in the next year... I am in no rush at all but it does make me feel a bit old none the less.

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