Thursday, May 1, 2008

ASUO Street Faire 2008

I'll be attending the ASUO street faire next week, and I'm getting nervous. It's spring time here and while it is amazing beautiful time of year it's also the time of the year where the rain comes down sideways and in drops the size of quarters- it's also hailed several times in the last week.
It's a three day outdoor show so I've been trying to come up with a way to display my books where people can still access them. I'll work something out....

Anyways if you live in the area you'll find me at the booth from 1-6pm on Wednesday, 8-10:30 am Thursday, and 4:30-6 on Friday. Even if you can't make it to say hello to me stop by and say hello to the rest of my local street team. The booth is on the University of Oregon Campus on 13th, our booth is right in front of the Journalism building.

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moonbindery said...

I used to live near Vancouver, BC, and had the same problem with rain. Every time I did the farmer's market, I was terrified that a big wind/rain would come up and turn my books into puddles of damp paper. :/

The only thing I can suggest is having a tent that's covered on three sides, and hope for the best! Good luck!! Hope you stay dry and sell lots of books.