Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New Favorite!

I'm just so fickle! I try to love all my books equally but it's just so hard! This is my new fav! My Aunt's books are out the door and out of the top spot!
This is my new beauty! It is a 6" square book that is wrapped in a gorgeous kimono fabric remnant! It has a gold organza ribbon for a bookmark with a red bamboo coral bead at the end. This fabric has a great red sheen to it that can be seen in the other pictures listed here! Go check out this great book and give it a great home!


Sheknits said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have to reply back to you becaseu you were the only person that also mentioned my work- thank you!
I also commenting back to you because I peeked in your shop and I LOVE your books. Another blog asked what would you like to learn (craft skill wise) and I said bookbinding, not that i ever will get to it, but I can sure appreciate your work. In the meantime I will heart your store and try to fit you into a future Treasury list. Really beautiful work!.

Kiley said...

Thanks Sharon! It is a great craft and I love it very much!
It was my pleasure to comment on your work, I love to browse Etsy! How could I visit someone you were promoting with out visiting your shop too!
Thanks for keeping me in my for future treasuries!

Glassprimitif said...

Beautiful book and in my favorite color too. Make more of these. :0)