Sunday, October 19, 2008


Fitting that post #101 should be brought to you by the highway with the same number. Today was a wonderful solo trip to the coast with my camera and tripod in hand. I'm learning the limitations on my camera and that a road trip by yourself isn't as depressing as you think it's going be as you kiss your husband goodbye for the day.

The shadowy figure on the bench is me, and while you can't really tell I'm rocking my favorite pair of baby blue headphones with the new Oakenfold release playing on my ipod. I'm sporting my black and green poofy vest- I love my poofy vest, it's down with a hood, and about the most comfortable thing I've ever owned.

I love the coast and found today to be just what I needed to get over some serious anxiety over my impending midterm on Friday. There is nothing like some salty air and crashing waves to put a girl a peace. I'm feeling rested despite all the driving I did today. I only had my ipod on for a few of the stops that were still close to the highway or had other people chatting and intruding on my serenity.

I'm off to bed, just wanted to share a glimpse of my day and how awesomely unproductive it was.

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