Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy Girl

I've been so busy with school and work for the past two weeks that I had almost forgotten about my poor lonely blog!

I haven't been doing much binding at all lately and was really starting to get me down. I had my book arts group Tuesday night and it was just what I needed to get moving again!
I taught this great little structure to the rest of our group. It is done using a very simple linked stitch which can be seen in greater detail here.

The books pictured here are for my co-workers. I made them from a paper that our products from Kenya often come wrapped in. I've been wanting to make books with the paper for a long time but it is too waxy to take glue, and when I learned this structure last month I knew it was perfect. Each book is folded down from one sheet of paper and the cover forms a pocket that you tuck the other part of the paper into. Hard to explain in words, but works out to be very neat. Fingers crossed that everyone at work likes these little blotters as much as I do!

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