Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wedding Madness!

It's getting closer! AHAHAHA

That being said I finally finished my guest book, with a week to spare :D
Next up on the list is the millions of boxes I am making for wedding favors. They are going to be stuffed with salt water taffy as it's a coast wedding and all.
You can see more pictures of the album by clicking on the links under the photo. I'll also be adding more pictures as the week goes on of the boxes.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Moving & Wedding Madness

As some of you know I'll be getting married soon. Turns out I'll also be moving... in a week. Next Friday the 22nd is the big day where I double my square footage from 550 to 1100! I get upgraded to a washer and drier & a dishwasher too!

I am very excited to set up my new "studio" area and get back to work. My first order of business after the move is our wedding guest book, then I'll be back to work on things for my etsy shop.
Thanks for all your support and understanding! I'll see you back in a few weeks!

Friday, June 1, 2007

My how time flies!

I had planned to have the rest of the series up yet but then life took over and my allergies have had me in bed and miserable and not in my studio.
While I haven't been working on my books today I did some work on this blog!
I have added some great shops to the links on the right, take some time to check them out!