Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thanks for sticking around!

I would like to start by saying thank you for all the well wish about my poor thumb! I'm finally almost all the way healed, I have a nice new pink patch of skin that is about the size of a dime on my thumb and is still super sensitive!
I would also like to say thank you for sticking around! I haven't been a very active poster over the course of this summer but it's been a really busy summer!
We moved, I had my first book binding accident, I got called in for jury duty & assigned to a jury, I've started working for a second awesome local company, I've got some really awesome folio orders on the line, and I'm now training a dog on top of it all.

Let's start with the dog first, she's an adorable Red Heeler Jack Russell mix and her name is Penny.
She is about the cutest thing ever and we couldn't say no when we were asked to bring her into our life. We don't know why but we are her 4th family and are happy to give her a place to call home.

I'm having a great time working with 3 photographers right now designing folio's for them, the first and largest order is for Nickel City Studio. We chose a green color that isn't as bright green as their logo for the cloth and a fun white cloth for the spine that almost a wood grain pattern to it. The paper I found to coordinate with it couldn't have been a better match and so far I'm totally in love with it. It's a handmade hand silk screened Indian paper with what's called a basket weave pattern on it. I have a little teaser shot here to show you;

The picture isn't the greatest and I've realized that since moving I need to break down and build a light box. Our house has great windows that let in lots of light, just not in the right places or angles for photography. As much as I hated our old skinny kitchen I do miss the great lighting it had for photography. Also while that stack of paper looks big, it was bigger! I got about 30 of the pockets folded when I realized I should take a picture of the huge stack of paper.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I'll be a lot better about posting on a regular basis again. Once I figure out some lighting in the house I promise to have a tutorial up on how to make Kumihimo cord so stick around for that!